The Pole Tavern Diner from Woodstown, New Jersey is a 1940's Silk City Diner. The exact year of manufacture hasn't been determined. This diner was sold and underwent a very ambitious FRAME OFF restoration. A similar 1940's Silk City Diner is due in our inventory soon. It too will undergo a complete FRAME UP restoration. The incoming diner could seat up to 75 dependant on the floor plan you select. Cost for such a diner would be between $135,000 and $155,000 dependant on material selected and the overall floor plan.  If you're ready for an historic diner built to your specifications then please do contact us. Click on the photos below for additional photographs of the diner.


[ Up ] [ 1940 SC in the woods ] [ 1940 SC on arrival ] [ 1940 SC ROOF RESTORATION ] [ 1940 SC FRAME OFF ] [ floors and walls ] [ Exterior lumber ] [ Exterior porcelain enamel ] [ 1940 SC Rear Skin ] [ Ceramic and mosaic tiles ] [ Lights ] [ ceiling ] [ The Finished Interior ] [ Diner on the road ] [ Diner on location ] [ Anatomy of a frame up Restoration ]