Jimmy's Diner was originally called the Centennial Diner located in Atlantic City, N.J. This excellent example of a 1952 Mountain View Diner was in fairly good and original condition  when purchased. Unfortunately after the rigging company from hell did their job those positive aspects changed very much for the worst. While last known as Lu Chi's (a typically converted Diner into Chinese restaurant) it operated until just a few weeks before it's sale.
1952 photo postcard of Centennial Diner photo of Dottie's diner as purchased in Atlantic City, N.J.
The Centennial Diner of Atlantic City, N.J. as depicted in a 1952 postcard in . As purchased while operating under the name of Lu Chi's restaurant.

Click on the thumbnail photos below to see photos of Jimmy's Diner  restoration.

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Photos of the diner as purchased and on arrival. Photos of the interior restoration.
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Photos of the roof restoration. Photos of the exterior restoration.

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