The construction of Dottie's Diner:

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Early site preparation

site with materials

early foundation phase
site4.jpg (34221 bytes)
Foundations ready for the diners.

Steve Presser loyally awaiting the move ....

after 5 years of orchestrating the project
ontrucks2.jpg (53766 bytes)
Diners arriving  with ...

ontrucks1.jpg (36629 bytes)
 the entire Cleveland Heights police force!

oncrane.jpg (61080 bytes)
Dottie's gets unloaded

The old Zephyr diner as 

it is swung over to it's

new home.

both diners on their foundations

The project as of January 2002

gift3-02.jpg (60138 bytes)
Center building framed

sweetcity3-02.jpg (39106 bytes)
The Sweet City Diner in March 2002
dotties3-02.jpg (54230 bytes)
over view of the project ...
dinerama3-02.jpg (63805 bytes)
as it's progressing, March 2002
april4.jpg (60021 bytes)
As of Mid April ...
april1.jpg (43777 bytes)
some very noticeable changes.
may3.jpg (23345 bytes)
In early May the changes..
may1.jpg (13897 bytes)
were less noticeable. Mostly interior work, etc.

midmay1.jpg (67790 bytes)
By Mid-May there were ...

midmay2.jpg (47265 bytes)
more noticeable exterior changes.
dot63.jpg (44378 bytes)
And by early June it was
dot64.jpg (49767 bytes)
coming down to the exterior details
midjune1.jpg (26439 bytes)
which by mid June were ..
midjune2.jpg (27578 bytes)
becoming much more noticeable.
latejune1.jpg (43775 bytes)
WOW, what a difference
latejune2.jpg (42949 bytes)
the signs make.
sweetjuly.jpg (37755 bytes)
A bit more work, here and there. Early July and it's taking shape.
dotjuly.jpg (33141 bytes)
Notice the color change on Dottie's?
sweetc82.jpg (45703 bytes)
By late July it's looking very good. Hoping to open very soon.
dottie81.jpg (37583 bytes)

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