The Sweet City Diner

This gorgeous 1949 O'Mahony Diner (serial number 2154) operated as the Zephyr Diner from 1949 until 1997. It was transported from it's original location on route 11 in Berwick, Pennsylvania to Cleveland, Ohio. This excellent example of an O'Mahony Diner measures 16 foot wide by 43 foot long and seats 52. It came equipped with a full back bar cooking area. The detail work, while typical of O'Mahony Diners, is outstanding with special attention paid to the blue tinted mirror, the bi-level ceiling with recessed lighting, and the incredible stainless steel craftsmanship. Although it was in excellent condition when purchased it underwent a thorough restoration as can be viewed in the pages accessed  through the thumbnail photos below. Just Click on the photos.
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Here stands Dottie before the Zephyr Diner which she lovingly ran for many years. The Zephyr Diner as transported to Cleveland, Ohio. Interior photos before and during the restoration.
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Photos of the roof restoration. Photos of the finished interior.

Period photographs.

Exterior photos of the soon to be Sweet City Diner.

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