1947 Silk City Diner

The restoration of this 1947  Silk City Diner was completed in 2010. It last operated as the Silver Diner in London, KY until the end of 2005. It had a front entrance and a side entrance but the vestibule was missing. There were two doors leading out the back of the diner, a center door for the access to an annex kitchen and the door on the right side leading into additional seating area and rest rooms. The diner was configured by the factory to seat 52 but was modified slightly to allow for more spacious seating and ADA accessibility.  It measures approximately 40 foot long by 15 foot wide. It now proudly operates as the Hometown Diner in Ottawa, Ohio.  You Can see some similar Silk City Diners that we restored at the following links: Pole Tavern Diner  and Blue Moon Diner.  

Click on the pictures below for large images.

Above photo of the diner prior to purchase.

This is what it looked like during excavation

It looks a lot better after 8 months of restoration work

on it's new site in Ottawa, Ohio. Note the extension of original style materials used on the addition in the back.


The interior was much more original and complete than the exterior. 

but with some TLC it's much cleaner and more authentic

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