The roof from HELL

This diner had the absolute worst roof to repair of any diner we've been involved with. A combination of terrible design (thank-you Kullman diners) poor maintenance, shoddy repairs and exposure insured that we'd suffer frustration and losses on this nightmare. A steel plate flat roof might be useful if your dodging bullets but for any other application it will sooner or later rust out. Over the past 50 years this particular roof not only suffered the expected rust issues but they were vastly compounded when various surfaces where mounted on the original roof in effort to repair the leaks. Consequently the surfaces which were placed over the original steel trapped moisture and expedited the failure. The entire perimeter of the roof was rusted out and required replacement of the metal. You're welcome to enjoy the photos of a roof repair that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

You didn't think such a problematic roof would only merit one page of photos did you? Click on the LINK to see the final touches
finished roof restoration

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