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Inari Publishing, LLC, exists to work with proven writers who have books but have lost their faith and/or trust in the traditional publishing apparatus. We are not a vanity publishing company. We will work only with writers who are serious about selling and their books and want to reach a public larger than the members of their extended families.

What is a “proven” writer? We take that to mean a person who has already had experience in the world of publishing and who has already published a book, though there are certainly writers whose work is worthy of publication who have yet to pick their way through the maze of the publishing world to get it into print. We’re looking, in short, for people who have some intellectual property that they want to rezone commercial.

We do not work with agents and we do not work with large publishing houses, because we see these institutions as unnecessary barriers to the publication of good books. We are not looking for bestsellers. And we are not intent on making as much money as we can on every book we publish.

Our business plan might be referred to as one of “supported self-publishing.” We will expect our authors to have enough belief in their work to put money into the project up front, but we will also share the financial risk of publishing a book by agreeing not to attempt to recoup our costs until a book has been published and is generating some income. In traditional publishing arrangement it is not uncommon for the author to receive 15 percent of a book’s revenue, with the other 85 percent going to the publisher; we are trying to succeed as a business by reversing those numbers, with approximately 15 percent of the revenue coming to us and the rest to the author. That means that we have every wish to see your book be successful–we won’t make money on it until you do.