Inari Publishing provides full editorial services, including re-write, general editing, copyediting, and proofreading. In general, the extent to which any combination of these services is utilized depends on the condition of the manuscript. However, before the Inari logo can go on a book, we insist on certain editorial standards. Every book that bears our logo must pass our criteria for error-free prose, consistent style, and for production values.

Inari Publishing: non-traditional
publishing for
traditional writers.

We are a small publishing company intended for proven writers. The number of titles that we can do per year is limited. We are thus most naturally inclined toward works that conform to our own, admittedly very broad, sensibilities. We know good writing when we see it. And we are adept at turning acceptable writing into good writing. But not every well-written
book is for us.

Inari Publishing is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Inari Publishing seeks, through the use of both cutting-edge and traditional forms of producing, printing, and marketing, to:

  • Help proven writers produce, print, and market their works and, in so doing, to help proven writers realize a much more equitable share of profits derived from their works.
  • Ensure that these writers retain all copyrights to their works.
  • Allow these writers to have control over editing, producing, and marketing their works.
  • Provide editing, copy reading, production, printing, and marketing services to proven writers who have works in various stages of completion.