For Readers

Inari Publishing, LLC, was founded by a couple of guys who believe that recent pronouncements regarding the “death of the book” are premature, even though the book publishing industry may well be choking to death on its own bloated appetites.

The proliferation of the digital culture notwithstanding, people still read. They still like books. Some may prefer to read their books on a digital display and others still go for the feel of paper in a traditional book, but however they may be doing it, people are still reading.

The publishing industry, on the other hand, is a whole different ballgame. Large publishing houses are cutting back staff and trying to publish nothing but bestsellers to keep afloat. That means more and more books now sound and look alike, and fewer and fewer good writers are finding an outlet for their material.

We believe that’s just not right. There are still plenty of authors, and they still have plenty of books. Their challenge is in finding new ways to bring their material to the public.

We consider ourselves a nontraditional publishing house here to work with traditional authors. We work actively with our authors in every phase of the production of their books, and pledge to bring you well-written, well-designed, and well-crafted books that will fit with equal comfort on your telephone or in your book bag.

We’re not ready to sound the death knoll for books, and we’re betting that you aren’t either. Inari books are available online and in bookstores, and are pleased that people still care.