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January 14, 2013  |  Gary Cook


The novel Lonewalker is out, and in our office, where several copies are waiting for a good home. It will be followed in about a month’s time by the novel A Murder of Wolves, which is currently out for reviews.

Lonewalker was originally published in March of 2006 under the title Blood Trail, in a special limited edition by Dennis McMillian Publications, and garnered high praise from reviewers.

This is what Publishers Weekly had to say about it at the time, in a starred review:

“Ben Tails (aka “Mr. Slide”) leaves a bloody trail indeed in Cook’s gripping tale of a modern warrior’s journeys from Montana to Vietnam and other parts of Asia, always returning home, always searching. His skills as hunter and marksman turn him into a deadly sniper, while his Vietnam War experiences leave him disillusioned and aware that he has been manipulated for evil purposes. He stays for years in Asia, where he learns Mandarin and does his best to suppress the violent side of himself he calls Mr. Slide. Tails’s core values make him far more interesting than the run-of-the-mill action hero, and when one of the rare people he trusts lures him from Montana to Japan for a simple job selling motorcycles—and sussing out bad guys—Mr. Slide may have to reappear. Tails soon discovers that he’s being used as a pawn in a deadly and vicious high stakes game. Graphic violence, penetrating, incisive analysis of complex cultural and historical events and one man’s heroic defiance make Cook’s long overdue second novels (after 1988’s Graveyard Rules) an event to celebrate. This is a writer with something to say and immense skills with which to say it.” Read More

About Me

January 14, 2013  |  Gary Cook

Gary J. Cook is a somewhat reclusive writer who lives in the middle of an Indian reservation in Montana. He is a U.S. Marine combat veteran and a former sheriff’s deputy with years of experience working undercover. He worked several years for a Chinese Import/Export company in Taipei and was a tenured professor at a Japanese university. He has been shot, stabbed, run over by his own motorcycle, severely chastised by a band of irate Motorcycle Chicks, and brought down by enemy fire more than a few times in helicopters. No one is more surprised than he that he is still around. Read More