Production Services

Book Design

The basic Inari Publishing book is a 6 x 9 inch paperback, though there may be cases where some other size is more appropriate. The look of any given book is important to both the overall experience that a reader will have with the book as well as to the sales. Most people have had the experience of curso de fotografia opening a book, thumbing through its pages, and putting it back on the shelf with the feeling that this is not a book that will be interesting.

The interior design of a book–and by this we are referring primarily to the font used for the main text, the size of the type, and the look of the chapter openings–must be compatible with the contents of the book itself. The Inari Publishing design and preproduction staff has many years experience in the design, a true appreciation of typography, and a wide familiarity with fonts.

We will go through your manuscript and provide you with a design template for your approval, but we will not dictate the look of the book. We realize that most authors have opinions about how their book should look and we will work closely with the author to combine our experience and expertise with the author’s own sensitivities in order to come up with a book design that both of us are happy with. If the book is to contain graphics of any sort we will work with you to display them in the most effective way possible.


Once a design has been agreed upon, the typesetting process gets underway. The inari production staff has been involved with computer-aided typesetting since the very beginning of this technology, starting off with Version 1.1 of Ventura Publisher and Pagemaker, and moving through the various mutations and advances of this technology to the current state of the art.

That being said, we are also pleased to say that we have never allowed the technology to define our role as book compositors in ways to satisfy the computer rather than the human eye. We consistently and thoroughly check for both loose and tight lines, for example, and check each line that ends in a hyphen for bad breaks. We also optimize all graphic images for resolution and clarity, and take great care that images are placed in the book in a way that will complement the text rather than detract from it.

Cover Design

The cover is the first thing a person sees when looking at a book, and only a rabid Willie Dixon fan would tell you that it’s not important. In fact, we’d prefer that the cover did say something about a book, if only that the book was prepared with care by people who know what they’re doing.

Most authors have at least a vague idea of what they’d like to see on the cover of their book, and Inari Publishing is dedicated to working closely with authors to make that vision a reality. We work with a number of highly experienced and skilled cover designers to make the best possible cover for your book and to make it a cover we will both be proud of.


Before any work is started on the printing of a book, Inari Publishing and the author will work together to determine the details of the print run. It is critical to know both how many copies of a book will be printed, and in what format, and how much this will cost. Inari will expect the author to provide the cost of the printing up front, before work is begun.

There are at least three different formats for printing:

  • Traditional offset printing of paperback books, ranging from 500 copies up to a number determined by the author and Inari
  • Short run, “print on demand” (POD) printing, ranging from 1 to up to 500 copies of the book
  • E-book “printing,” for which a number of different formats exist

These formats are not mutually exclusive. As we see it, the typical book handled by Inari Publishing would make use of all three formats. A book might have an initial traditional press run on an offset press of, say, a thousand copies, which would be supplied to bookstores and to the author. Once these books are sold out a second traditional print run might be used, or the format might shift to POD printing to fulfill smaller orders. And ebook versions of the title would be available for download via the Inari Publishing website or other commercial websites, such as

All of our books will be converted to ebook format at the same time they are sent to a traditional printer for offset printing. Inari will work with authors to determine the most ideal path for all manuscripts we publish.